Rule Book & By-Laws

General Rules


1. The age of an individual on the prior year’s December 1st shall be maintained throughout the following season.


2. The exhibitor and horse’s owner must be a member of Tri-County prior to entering the class for points to count towards year end awards.

3. Show attire and tack need not be fancy, but should be safe, neat, clean, and appropriate. Chaps are optional unless specifically stated required in a given class.

4. On the recommendation of the Judge, the Show Manager may disqualify anyone who uses unsafe or severe equipment. The Show Manager will have the choice to disqualify or ask for correction (if possible) for such equipment, before the class is judged. Not more than five minutes will be allowed for such changes.

5. Unruly or disorderly conduct will be grounds for dismissal from the show grounds, at the discretion of the Show Manager for anyone on the show grounds.

6. At the discretion of the Judge any horse out of control will be excused from the class. At the discretion of the Judge any horse in pain may be excused from the class.

7. Hackamores are not permitted in any English or Western classes. In speed events use of a hackamore (Including mechanical hackamores) or other type of bridle is the optional choice of the contestant; however, the judge may prohibit the use of bits or equipment he may consider severe.

8. A Bosal is suitable for Western if the horse is 5 years old or less. A non-shanked snaffle bit may be used on a junior horse or pony and must be ridden two-handed.

9. Plain cavesson nosebands are recommended. Non-conventional types of bits and nosebands may be penalized.

10. Boots and bandages are permitted ONLY in Equitation Over Fences, Reining, and Games. Standing martingales are permitted in all jumping classes.

11. Youth (17 or under) are not permitted to show a stallion.

12. Stallions are not to be left unattended at anytime, under any circumstances on the show grounds.

13. Anyone violating the said rules and regulations could result in cancellation of points and/or membership upon vote of the Executive Board.

Show Ground Rules


Competitors show at their own risk with signature of exhibitor and parent’s signature of youth exhibitors completed on entry form before entering a class. Under Maine law, an equine professional has limited liability for an injury or death resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities.

1. Spectators attend at their own risk and should observed and use caution in all horse areas. Parent or guardian must accompany small children if they are in the trailer or horse area.

2. No horses are allowed in camping area because of ground wires or on the racetrack. Competitors should use only the practice ring or the unused exit road leading away from parking area to exercise or school horses. Proceed with caution in all traffic and spectator areas.

3. The area directly in front of the secretary booth should also remain clear of horses for safety precaution.

4. Only contestants and authorized personal are allowed in the main or practice ring. No one is allowed on the ring fence for the safety of the spectator and the competitors.

5. Please take responsibility for cleaning up around your trailer before leaving. Trash cans and returnable containers are provided on grounds. We also ask that you clean up after your horse around your trailer. Muck buckets are provided for your use. This will assist us, as the Union Fairground officials require the club to remove manure after each show.

6. All dogs must be on a leash. Exhibitors are expected to clean up after their dogs.

7. All parking will be under the discretion of Club designates, ordinarily in the area between the access road and the campground.

8. Competitors violating ground rules may be eliminated from showing for the rest of the day at the discretion of the Show Manager.

Show Requirements

1. Show proof of current coggins test and rabies vaccination.


2. Class list will contain the date, time and place of the show.


3. Class list will contain the name of the Judge and Mailing Secretary.


4. Class list will contain the amount of class fee, post entry fee, if any and all additional fees.


5. Class program must contain correct age of riders (See class specification).


6. Each class title should be written exactly as in class specification list.


7. Any new classes offered that are not in the class specification list must have their own rules posted at the secretary’s booth.


8. Rider’s attire must be suitable to the saddle being ridden. Chaps are optional except for NEHC Reining Medal classes and

Morgan Pleasure (western riders). Protective head gear maybe worn without penalty. Full tack and appropriate attire are required

in all games, jumping and timed events. Hard hats used for all jumping must have full harness. Show jackets may be removed at the discretion of the judge.


9. All contestants participating in timed events will dismount to receive award, for the safety of the person giving the award.


10. All numbers will be worn on contestant’s back or one on each side of the horse. Failure to do so could result in disqualification. Assigned number will be used for the entire year.


11. All participants under 18 years of age MUST have the signature of a parent or legal guardian in writing on the entry form. Failure to provide signature will result in disqualification.


12. Headers and trailers must be 18 years of age.


13. Exhibitors may speak with the judge after the show has completed and only after having received permission from the show manager.


14. Holds will be granted at the discretion of the show manager. Request must be ask for before the start of the show aside from development of unforeseen circumstances. When a hold is granted, the in-gate will be held for three minutes, then open for class’ participants to enter and the requester should enter as soon as possible or the gate may be closed at the judge’s discretion. As a respect to others and not to unnecessarily delay the show, the requester should make all adjustments in the paddock area.


1. Judges will award six places for each class; Youth classes will be awarded eight places. There may be additional placing at the discretion of the judge/show manager.

2. No judge shall judge more than one Tri-County show per year for Tri-County points, except in the case of an emergency.

3. Judges shall abide by the United States Equestrian Federation formally the American Horse Show Association Rules, American Quarter Horse Assn., Appaloosa Horse Club, Tennessee Walking (TWHBEA) and American Morgan Horse Association in conjunction with rules and regulations that are specific for these organizations.

Point System

Points are awarded to the horse or rider according to their placing and are totaled at the end of the season for Championship trophies. Points will be awarded according to how many entrants are in each class, to a maximum of 10 points for the first place entrant. Only six places will count for points in each class, even if the judge chooses to award more than six places, except for Youth classes which award ribbons and points through eight places.

Points are rated 1.25 higher in championship classes - credited to original class.

Showmanship Champion points goes back to either Adult or Youth Showmanship; In Hand Championship points goes back to either Horse In Hand or Pony In Hand; Equitation Championship points go back to Jr. Western Equitation or English Equitation or Adult Equitation. Pleasure Championship points goes back to English Pleasure Horse or Western Pleasure Horse or Western Pleasure Pony or English Pleasure Pony. Walk Trot Championship Pleasure and Walk Trot Champion Equitation points go back to the age division.

 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th

 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3

 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2

 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

 6 5 4 3 2 1

 5 4 3 2 1

 4 3 2 1

 3 2 1

 2 1


Year End Awards

Championship trophies and Champion and Reserve ribbons will be awarded. Maiden Equitation and Pleasure are classes that do not have year end awards. If, no one qualifies for the Champion or Reserve in a class; no awards will be presented. To be eligible for a year end award the participant must enter the class a minimum of 3 times and the rider/handler/owner must be a current paid member of Tri-County Horsemen. An eligible winner of a challenge trophy will not have to show three times if no entry wins the regular class year end award. Points can only be accrued after membership dues have been paid in full. Any points earned prior to payment of dues will not be counted.

The awards banquet shall be held in October or November depending on the availability of sites. Election of officers shall take place at that time.