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Tri-County Horsemen, Inc.
Established in 1961


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Tri-County Horsemen

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Welcome to Tri-County Horsemen Web Site, glad you stopped by. Please, come and see us at our horse shows located on Union Fair Grounds just off Route 17 in Union, Maine, with 52 classes.

Show Dates and Judges

  • Sunday: June 3, 2018 - 8:30 a.m. - Judge: Sherrye Trafton, Brunswick, ME
  • Sunday: Jul 8, 2018 - 8:30 a.m. - Judge: Natalie McGowen, NH
  • Sunday: Aug. 12, 2018 - 8:30 a.m. - Double Judge: Mark Smith, University of Findley & John Bennett, University of CT
  • Sunday: Sept. 9, 2018 - 8:30 a.m. - Judge: Robert Macdonald, Berwick, ME
  • Officers and Board Members

    • President: Kristin Ames,
    • Vice-President: Rachel Graf
    • Treasurer: Rosemary Feyler, Tel: 785-6657
    • Secretary: Chris Miller
    • Show Secretary: Marilyn Smith, 152 North Shore Drive, Owls Head, ME Tel: 594-4039
      Board Members
    1. Jennifer Chipman
    2. Karen Ruggerio
    3. Amy Richardson


    The Tri-County Horsemen was formed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Moore, owners of Hill Ní Dale Stables in Warren with 37 members in 1960. Elections of Officers were held and committee members appointed. In the first year, members had organized trail rides, some which were weekend camping trips. The club was incorporated in January of 1961 with a goal to promote horsemanship. In the beginning the meetings were held at Farnsworth Museum in Rockland, Maine, on the first Friday of each month with as many as 75 in attendance. After each business meeting, an educational film was shown in the museumís theater with refreshments served after, from the kitchen. Occasionally, a speaker was invited to speak instead of showing a film. The Animal Science Professor from the University of Maine spoke on more than one occasion. After each meeting, the clubís announcements were published in the local paper. The organization had their first horse show that September on Union Fair Ground.


    Union Fair Trustees decided to develop greater use for their grounds to extend its function beyond the one week of the fair with a new horse show ring. It had a new main ring which is 200 by 125 feet and practice ring of 130 by 90 feet. The ring was designed by the University of Maine. Ringside parking and bleachers were available for spectators. A refreshment stand and dressing room were in place, which was the building moved from the show grounds in Warren. Flush toilets and fenced-in play area for little ones were new along with fireplaces and picnic tables added to its use. Open-faced stables were moved to one end of the parking area and the race-track stables are also available for overnight horse show participants. By the second year, fourteen show dates were utilized. This was envisioned by a father of two 4-H horse club members and he was the warden of the Maine State Prison. Prison Labor was utilized in the project. He noted potential hazards and unsatisfactory conditions of the ring, such as using snow fence formally used for horse shows at fair time and proposed a plan for a new arena. The Fair Trustees approved the idea and the funds along with two local riding clubs, (Tri-County Horsemen and Whip and Spur), who volunteered their support to complete the project. Tri-County Horsemen will hold four horse shows in 2007, but Whip Spur formally of the Camden Snow Bowl has dissolved.

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